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Leadership Conference Interest Survey

Leadership Interest Survey

We are seeking your interest in attending our August 2022 leadership conference. Please use this link or the QR below to complete a brief survey.

QR code for leadership conference survey

Children & Youth Summer Camp 2022

Children & Youth Ministry

Use the links or QRs below for additional information and to register

Summer Camp 2022 Pay for 5 weeks get 6

Registration QR

Summer Camp 2022 - Week 1 (June 27-July1) Register by June 27, 2022

Week 1 QR

Summer Camp 2022 - Week 2 (July 5-July 8) Register by July 4, 2022

Week 2 QR

Summer Camp 2022 - Week 3 (July 11-July 15) Register by July 11, 2022

Week 3 QR

Summer Camp 2022 - Week 4 (July 18-July 22) Register by July 18, 2022

Week 4 QR

Summer Camp 2022 - Week 5 (July 25-July 29) Register by July 25, 2022

Week 5 QR

Summer Camp 2022 - Week 6 (Aug 1-Aug 5) Register by August 1, 2022

Week 6

2022 Membership Roster Upkeep | We Need Your Help

Hello, Mount Pleasant Family and Friends,

We've prepared the video below to share how we could use your help with the Upkeep of our Membership Roster. Please take a moment to view the following video.


We will come to you each week, throughout the month of March, with simple requests. In many cases, these requests may only apply to some, but not all, of us.

Here are the initial Requests:

Notification of Change in Membership (click here) – At MPBC we know that “Life Changes” happen and sometimes our family members move on. If this applies to you, we ask that you use this link to let us know. This information is private and only for those working this task in the Diaconate and Front Office Staff for the strict purpose of record keeping.

Address Change/Verification (click here) – If your address has changed in the last year, please let us know. Use this link to tell us if your address in Realm is correct or needs to be updated. You can update your record and let us know on the form... or simply provide the up-to-date information and we will go in and update your record for you.

For Questions, please email

Thank You,

MPBC Diaconate and Front Office Staff

Our Campus Vision for 2025

Word Fuel on Sundays!

Word Fuel

The Inspiration March April 2022

African Water Wells Ministry Brochure

Africa Water Wells Brochure


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