Pastor Corner_Nov-Dec 2018

 As we prepare to close out 2018 and go into a New Year my encouragement to you is to: FINISH STRONG. So often during this time we start to shut it down. With the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays       taking up so much of our time, there is a tendency to start coasting until the New Year. On our job, in the home and even in church; we try to coast into the New Year telling ourselves that now is the time to   get some rest before the New Year starts. I don’t believe that now is the time to rest but I believe now is the time to FINISH STRONG.

 Finish Strong with that schoolwork, Finish Strong with that project at work. Finish Strong with your family. Finish Strong with your ministry. God needs your very best. Remember, tomorrow is not promised. You   may not get 2019, so while you have breath in your body give God the very best that you have. I have determined to Finish Strong in my preaching. Finish Strong in my teaching. Finish Strong with my family.   Finish Strong in my service. That’s why I am excited to be going to Kenya next week. I could be using this time to get ready for preaching in 2019. I could be using this time to plan our calendar for 2019. Nope,   I am looking forward to going to Kenya and finishing this year off strong. Pray that God allows us to transform and change lives as we do our work. The question for you is what will you do?