Pastor Corner_Jul-Aug 2018

One of the things that we talked about in our recent Special Called Church Meeting was the importance of Christian Education. I’ve heard it said over the years that “you can tell where a church is spiritually not by their Sunday morning crowd but how are they doing on Wednesday Night.”

It is imperative that as we continue to grow as a Church that we focus on Christian Education. Whether it’s Sunday School, Bible Study or other opportunities for study; we must become a church that is “devoted” to the word of God.

This coming September, on Wednesday Nights, I will lead a church wide Bible Study on the Beatitudes. We will still have Master Life and Crown Forum along with classes for our Young People, but everyone else will be in the Sanctuary with me studying the word of God. I am encouraging all of us to be there but especially our Leadership. If we want the Membership to come on Wednesday Nights then the Leadership must be there first.

I pray that this series of teachings will springboard our church to a new level when it comes to Christian Education.

I look forward to seeing each of you there!  #WEBUILDHERE